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A place to post my pictures, videos, projects, and stats. Oh and our Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Sandy

Dock Diving

One dog was dock diving... and the other was Sandy

Brendan Maxon

2-Minute Read

A few weeks ago, Sandy and Midge got to try out dock diving for the first time during a private session at Dock Diving Anonymous in Barnstead, NH. There were two professionals who helped ease the dogs into the pool, first by going into the water easily via the ramp, then slowly building up confidence to jumping in, and finally with a running start.

Midge is Gaining on Sandy!

Not too long before Midge is bigger than Sandy!

Brendan Maxon

1-Minute Read

The Maxons and Chabots wasted little time in getting a puppy play date in the new year. It was a soggy day for a walk through Bradley Palmer State Park, but the pups enjoyed it none the less. Sandy still wants to let Midge know who’s top dog, but she better be careful, as it’s only a matter of time before Midge surpasses her in size (and potentially speed?). A few week later, Sandy hosted Midge at our house, though she refused to back down when it came to fighting over who got to sit…

When Sandy met Midge

Sandy's Chocolate Cousin!

Brendan Maxon

1-Minute Read

Sandy (along with Haley and I) met Midge, Trey and Elonna’s chocolate lab, last November. It was a beautiful fall day with lots of zoomies to go around. Sandy looked quite big compared to this tiny puppy, but hopefully she realizes that before she knows it, Midge will be towering over her.

11 Month Old Sandy

Blankets are pawsome!

Brendan Maxon

1-Minute Read

This past month started off with a bang, spending the weekend in NH with Trey and Elonna along with my parents. The fall foliage was in full force, with Sandy taking in the views from North and Middle Sugarloaf peaks.

3 Month Old Sandy

The weeks are flying by!

Brendan Maxon

1-Minute Read

Last Saturday, Kyle and Cappa came over in the rain for some puppy playtime. Once again, it didn’t take long for Sandy to become more interested in the rhododendron than the humans or canines. Afterwards, she was a hot stinkin’ mess, and we convinced her to stay in the bath long enough for her first wash. All it took was a tub wall smeared with cream cheese and topped with some kibble.

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