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Second Season of Randonneuring

Successfully avoided ER trips!

Brendan Maxon

7-Minute Read

Last year I started training for attempting Paris-Brest-Paris in 2023. My training started last fall and went really well. I seemed to have made a full recovery from my knee injury last year and was quite pleased with how I paced myself on the 200 km and 300 km races. But ultimately, the never-ending rain on both the 400 km and 600 km eventually did me in, causing me to retire early on day two of the final brevet qualifying ride and dashing any hope of PBP this year. Here’s a quick summary…

First Season of Randonneuring

Why do I like biking so many miles?

Brendan Maxon

4-Minute Read

As mentioned in my previous PBP training blog post, I’d like to attempt Paris-Brest-Paris in August of 2023. In order to have a better chance of registering, and also to get a sense of whether I really want to do all this, I set out this year with a plan to ride a full Brevet series, which consists of a 200, 300, 400, and 600 km rides. Here’s a quick summary of how they all went.

Pothole Crash

If your GoPro's recording, something's bound to happen

Brendan Maxon

3-Minute Read

Quite the adventurous ride a few weeks ago on the Saturday before Easter. Plan was to bike for 3.25 hours, which looking at the weather seemed fine as I headed out just before 4, which would have me finished just after 7, which was 20 minutes before sunset (which I had lights so no big deal either way) and before the rain was anticipated to come.

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