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A place to post my pictures, videos, projects, and stats. Oh and our Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Sandy

11 Month Old Sandy

Blankets are pawsome!

Brendan Maxon

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This past month started off with a bang, spending the weekend in NH with Trey and Elonna along with my parents. The fall foliage was in full force, with Sandy taking in the views from North and Middle Sugarloaf peaks.

Along with climbing mountains, she’s developed quite the alpine skills in climbing furniture. She now has no problem helping herself to an empty chair or couch for a blanket-covered snooze. Is the chair occupied? No problem! She’ll take alllll the blankets and curl up in them, thank you very much. Oh, Brendan got a new, smaller desk and is trying to figure out what to do with the empty space? Sandy will repurpose it as her cozy corner!

And finally, who couldn’t resist throwing an adorable buffalo plaid bandana on that face!


Sandy Summits

North and Middle Sugarloaf



Statistic Value
Age 11 months
Height at the Withers 18.8 inches
Weight 36.8 lbs

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