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A place to post my pictures, videos, projects, and stats. Oh and our Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Sandy

3 Month Old Sandy

The weeks are flying by!

Brendan Maxon

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Last Saturday, Kyle and Cappa came over in the rain for some puppy playtime. Once again, it didn’t take long for Sandy to become more interested in the rhododendron than the humans or canines. Afterwards, she was a hot stinkin’ mess, and we convinced her to stay in the bath long enough for her first wash. All it took was a tub wall smeared with cream cheese and topped with some kibble.

The next day, we ventured up to Hampton Beach to have Sandy meet Trey and Elonna. She was fantastic on the beach, though was pretty skeptical of the waves and water, wanting nothing to do with them. She met so many dogs and people, and all of the encounters were really positive.

First bath and beach!


Statistic Value
Age 12 weeks
Height at the Withers 13.5 inches
Weight 14.5 lbs

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