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A place to post my pictures, videos, projects, and stats. Oh and our Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Sandy

Maxon Capecation

Maxon family takes on West Yarmouth

Brendan Maxon

1-Minute Read

The Maxon clan stayed at a fantastic place at 127 Standish Way in West Yarmouth. The two weeks went by way too fast. It was great seeing friends and family, playing lots of golf, tennis, and swimming. Even caught a beautiful nearly-full, red moon at dawn. It almost looked more fake then if it were black and white.

Sandy's First Week

Sandy turns 9 weeks and learns some new skills

Brendan Maxon

2-Minute Read

The first week with Sandy has both crawled and flown by. I may constantly be annoyed by her biting and barking, but she has some admirable traits that shouldn’t be ignored.

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