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A place to post my pictures, videos, projects, and stats. Oh and our Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Sandy

6 Month Old Sandy

Half a year old!

Brendan Maxon

2-Minute Read

Sandy has really blossomed as a puppy teenager over the past month. She’s swimming further and further every day in the Town Forest. All the dogs she played with before aren’t quite as towering over her the first time around. And she’s really getting the hang of catching a frisbee in the air!

She still has plenty of shenanigans, whether it’s playing with an injured bumblebee or digging holes in the backyard. Watering the grass and flowers is quite difficult whenever Sandy is within reach of the hose or sprinkler. She even realized that she can squeeze herself through the back gate where a missing plank was. Hopefully replacing it with a new one will keep her contained (or at the very least delay her from escaping until she finds her next way out).

But on the other hand, she’s getting much better on walks and off leash. She prefers to ignore us of course (as all teenagers do), but at least her biting is significantly reduced, and she’s handled herself quite well the past few couple weeks with access to the entire first floor of the house.

Sandy swimming further (and being ridiculous)!


Statistic Value
Age 6 months
Height at the Withers 17.7 inches
Weight 28.9 lbs

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