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A place to post my pictures, videos, projects, and stats. Oh and our Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Sandy

16 Week Old Sandy

Also Haley Birthday Celebration!

Brendan Maxon

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This past weekend we celebrated Haley’s birthday outside with the fantastic weather. Sandy’s still struggling to respect her elders, knocking over poor Aunt Bella while trying to get her to play. Sandy’s lost a couple teeth already, so she’s happiest with a salmon no-hide stick to chomp away at.

Paxton and Hadley were adorable as always. Would not recommend giving either of these two licenses to drive quite yet.

She’s also improved tremendously with her catching skills. There’s a decent chance at catching tennis balls in her vicinity, and the cheese puffs are almost a sure thing. Her patient greetings skills are also developing quite nicely. She’s learned the power of sitting still and waiting to be greeted to get the best hugs and kisses (and ear licks!)

Frisbee Dog, Catching Treats, and Patient Greetings!


Statistic Value
Age 16 weeks
Height at the Withers 15.2 inches
Weight 21.6 lbs

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