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Brendan Maxon

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Over the fourth of July weekend in 2022, Haley and I ventured off to Chicago to do some sightseeing. We had an absolute blast seeing all the great architecture by boat and walking around the parks.

The weekend started off by seeing Haley’s roommate from college Jennifer in Milwaukee, just a short train ride away. After spending the day with her, we came back to Chicago and saw the mainstage at the Second City. It was a great show, highly recommend! Afterwards we enjoyed some pizza from Giordano’s.

Part of the reason to come to town that weekend was the Red Sox playing at Wrigley. My bucket list includes visiting all MLB teams’ stadiums, and this weekend I was able to easily tick off two of them. Wrigley was a fantastic game, with great seats and awesome views. The bleacher creatures were quite something, baking in the afternoon sun and getting invaded by seagulls. The White Sox park was quite different, but the game was a lot of fun too. We were only a few rows back from deep right center’s fence, with a couple drives almost getting to us (one home run went to our left in the bullpen; and another was caught by the center fielder at the base of the wall, and getting the ball back into the infield which resulted in a triple play).

Watching the sunrise over Navy Pier was nice, as was biking along the waterfront. The views of the skyline from Adler were fantastic! I was allowed one museum to visit and was quite happy with my choice of the Museum of Science and Industry. The food was great too, especially the BBQ we had from Green Street Smoked Meats.

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